What it means for YOU!

The County Council wants vast gravel pits between Cholsey and Wallingford

What Happens Next!

As Oxfordshire County Council have voted through the gravel pit, the proposal now goes before an Inspector for an Examination in Public (EIP). CAGE (with barristers and experts) will robustly counter the proposal. For this we need your help. We do not have many months to raise the funds to pay for the experts and this is our last chance! After the EIP all that remains is the planning application.

Together we can still stop this!

If we do not…………….

•Wallingford and Cholsey will be blighted.

•A nationally important Saxon town and an ancient village with a Roman road (Honey Lane) will be spoiled.

•Lorries will take gravel away every 4 minutes. More lorries will bring in landfill and concrete mix.

•Lakes can’t be formed because of Benson airfield. Landfill will be continuous and uneven.

•Sand and gravel here is poor. It has chalk, flints and clay. So more rock will come in by lorry, be crushed here and mixed with our poor quality gravel in special industrial units to make concrete rubble. Yet more lorries will then take this rubble away.

•Dust, mud and noise will spread into the village and the town. Roads will become congested. Footpaths and cycle ways will become dangerous. Our peaceful landscape will be industrial.

•This will go on for 25 to 50 years! The poorer the gravel the longer it goes on!

Areas of outstanding natural beauty – we have two adjoining us – will suffer.

•Wallingford and Cholsey will be blighted. This means that the value of your home will fall!

•There will be between 80 and 200 extra lorries a day on the bypass. If you thought it was difficult getting out of Brightwell cum Sotwell now…………….

•CAGE (Communities against Gravel Extraction) is fighting these plans which will severely damage our countryside and affect about 10,000 people who live here.

• Our peaceful and largely undisturbed area supports an amazingly wide variety of bird species and wildlife. Sand and gravel extraction will destroy this forever. Our footpaths will be ruined, including the Agatha Christie Trail from Winterbrook to Cholsey Church. The Bunk Railway line will be undermined. Tourists will be put off by the dust, mud and noise.

•The Wallingford Road is used by many commuters travelling daily to Oxford, Reading and London from Cholsey station, and others going the other way to school, work or shopping trips in Wallingford.  Gravel extraction and heavy lorry traffic will bring danger, noise and dirt for all the cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

What can YOU do?

  1. It’s already costing us money for experts to fight our case. Please DONATE NOW and help in any way you can.

  2. Sign up now using the form on the right of this page!

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